We Need To Talk. Banging The Drum Is Back For 2015



2015 is hit with a third strike of Banging The Drum. 

We are back and ready to talk!

After 3 years of challenging taboo discussions Reisz Amos, Smash Entertainz and Richi Fingerz are back to talk some more. Topics for this year cover relationships, sexual health and war.

This all male panel are challenged with some difficult responses from the audience; an audience member said:

“As people we must think about how our actions can have an affect on others. A male will never fully understand why a female responds a certain way to situations because they are not females. In the same respect I do not have a full understanding why men act how they do because I am not a man. But what I can say is that I am learning about males and how to understand them better. This we should all strive for.”

Rem Conway also announces that he is stepping off the panel and is now hosting the show.

He says: “I may not be on the panel but I will still respond to any questions and be open as I always am every year. I just feel like me hosting enables more structure to the show”

  This live talk show is destined for another year of entertaining showcases from Graft Entertainment.